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512 Channel Li-Ion Battery Charging Discharging Tester shipped

512 Channel Li-Ion BatteryCharging Discharging Testershipped to Israel.This customer is a listed company in Israel, and this is their third purchase of ourlithium battery testing equipment.

Battery cell tester machine is used when the lithium battery is finished in the production workshop, the battery capacity will be different. Qualified batteries will be screened out through the capacity testing.


1.Scope of application: Capacity and detection of chemical components of lithium polymer, lithium ion, ni-MH and ni-Cd batteries.

2.Vertical and horizontal.

3.Current Range: 2A/3A/5A/6A/10A for options

4.Channels:128/256/512 channels for options

Li-Ion Battery Charging Discharging Tester


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