Xiamen AOT Battery Equipment Technology Co.,LTD was set up as a manufacturer in 2006. We have total manufacturing facilities of around 4, 000 square meters and more than 50 staff. Owning a group of experienced engineers and staffs, we can bring you not only reliable products and technology, but also excellent services and real value you will expect and enjoy. AOT Battery has been focused on product development and operations of lithium battery and its surrounding, we supply full kinds of lithium-ion battery equipment, lab battery raw materials and lithium-ion battery research and development technology. Our clients mainly from universities, research institutes and famous ...



4680 Cylindrical Battery Hydraulic Sealing Machines for Cylindrical Cells

4680 Cylindrical Battery Hydra

MSK-510L cylindrical battery sealing machine is driven by a hydraulic jack to ac...

Split Test Cell with Beryllium Window for Battery Electrode

Split Test Cell with Beryllium

It is designed for simple and rapid assembly testing of rechargeable battery ele...

Battery Electrode Heat Calender Rolling Press Machine With Winding and Unwinding System For Battery Lab

Battery Electrode Heat Calende

AOT-GYJ-100C All rolls are made of high-strength and high hardness rolls, with a...

Advanced Glove Box with Three Work Stations for Lab Battery Research

Advanced Glove Box with Three

AOT-VGB-6 Optional IoT intelligent system to realize the mobile control and cent...

Hydraulic Roll to Roll Rress with Automatic Unloading

Hydraulic Roll to Roll Rress w

The hydraulic balanced electric roller machine is designed for high-precision ro...

Pouch Cell Battery Automatic Stacking Machine For Pouch Cell Electrode

Pouch Cell Battery Automatic S

This stacking equipment is suitable for assembling the positive and negative pla...

Automatic Die Cutter for Pouch Cell Battery Electrodes

Automatic Die Cutter for Pouch

AOT-MSK-180AM automatic die-cutting machine is a device for die-cutting cathodes...

1700C Compact Muffle Furnace For Laboratory Research

1700C Compact Muffle Furnace F

1700C Compact Muffle Furnace For Laboratory Research...

Battery Electrode Slitting Machine For Lithium Battery

Battery Electrode Slitting Mac

Pouch Cell Slitting Machine For Lithium Ion Battery Electrode Slitting...

Pouch Cell Line Making Machine for Li ion Battery

Pouch Cell Line Making Machine

AOT offers the full set of pouch cell battery producing equipment from mixing to...

Lithium Battery Assembly Line For Coin Cell Lab

Lithium Battery Assembly Line

Lithium Battery Assembly Line For Coin Cell Lab...

Pouch Cell Hot/Cold Press Machine For Lithium Battery Core Formation

Pouch Cell Hot/Cold Press Mach

AOT-HPS-200 is suitable for hot pressing and cold pressing of pouch cell lithium...


Full Automatic Stacking Machin

This machine is a fully automatic layer-by-layer stacking machine for pouch cell...

Automatic Battery Production Line for Li Ion Cylindrical Cell Battery Making

Automatic Battery Production L

Cylindrical Battery Production Line...

Pouch Cell Battery Equipment for Lab Research

Pouch Cell Battery Equipment f

This lab line is a small manual line for pouch cell research work. It adopt stac...

Automatic Assembly Line of Electric Vehicle Battery, Energy Storage Battery and Power Battery Pack

Automatic Assembly Line of Ele

This automatic battery production assembly line mainly realizes the automated pr...

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